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TV Will Rot Your Brain TV Will Rot Your Brain

Rated 5 / 5 stars

i want a loop of the first 6 seconds, or a new song that only uses that 1 instrument.

how do you get that sound?

i want it

The Destructor The Destructor

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Reminds me of Lexx and Ziltoid.


The whole album deserves a bigger audience that it could get on newgrounds.

I would recommend you to youtube the album, and advertise it on some scifi forums or something.

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TheDoomrider responds:

Thanx! The album is up on youtube ;) And it will be put up on other sites as well.

Elegancia - Decuria Elegancia - Decuria

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Hearing this song kinda forced me to try to get a better guitar tone for my songs. And by the end of the day i actually got the best tone i've ever had. I guess i need to thank you for pushing me to do it, by having such a good guitar tone on this song :) You can go hear the difference if you listen to my song 3 with the old tones, and then song 4 where i'm using the new guitar tone.

But this song and the tone! The guitar tone and mixing is so good on this song that it doesn't need to be any better. You can focus on the music and enjoy it. Even without any guitar solos or leads it's so good that you can listen to it over and over again. I'm actually starting to hear some solos over this song and it sounds like teh magic i've heard on some Arch Enemy songs. Yum!

Thanks for the great song, inspiration and the push that made me improve the quality of my work :)

lock it up banksy lock it up banksy

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Add at least 1 more track for guitar harmonies to give it a more "full" and finished sound, and to draw attention away from the not yet perfected guitar tone and drum sounds.

Do that and i'll come back here to headbang for a while and listen.

The Deflowering The Deflowering

Rated 5 / 5 stars

One of the better compositions in the contest, but all the sounds are drowned. That must be the reason why this had a 1.23 score before my vote. I could enjoy listening to this song much more if it didn't sound like you were listening to it through a pillow. i would also appreciate it if all the instruments were real. If the sounds were fixed and it was played with real instruments i would give it a 5/5. I still gave it a 5 because it's ridiculous how people 0 bomb a song like this when there's still so much good in it. Listen to the album "Planetary Duality" by The Faceless. If you would get matching sounds on this song and added similar vocals to it, it would be like a song from that album.

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CadeBanta responds:

Thank you very much for taking the time to comment and giving an honest opinion. I've learnt the lesson that people don't hear music unless it's with real sounds. Though I do wish people would listen the the actual notes being played instead of the tone. It's all on a program where I can write the score out after writing, add tones and it will play it back. It's really just for writing and and sharing scores but I figured what the hell. This contest needed some actual metal. Glad there are some entries of real metal now by a couple people. Although it doesn't seem at all people are giving this any credit because of the shitty sound quality I'm glad you have. And thank you for a the comparison to one of the better bands out there. I don't listen to them, and I must admit that I've hardly listened to them yet it's easy to tell they blow away most metal bands. And they have decent leads, not bad at all. I love hearing his jazz influence. It's rare to hear jazz in metal. The only guitarist who really does that is Emil Wrestler from Daath. It's why he's one of the better metal guitarist. I'm going to record this song, I've got the gear now. Just need to learn how to use it. Again, thank you for your score, time, honesty and review. I appreciate it. I really do.

Bridges Bridges

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Sweet outro

Once the tempo had changed, when the drums came in, the outro started sounding really good. Loved that echoing sound that started and ended the outro.

I'm guessing you didn't record this with a metronome. The tempo change to the outro wasn't as smooth as i would've liked. Also those solos would probably sound more accurately played with a metronome, although i loved that Yngwie move of silencing the disbelievers with an ultra fast lick at :57 :D

mobious622 responds:

Haha, I'm not the best lead guitarist ever. Unfortunately I found that out yesterday. But, inversely I found out I was a pretty good rhythm guitarist. I did use a metronome, the song was just a little rushed because I had to move on to another song; I recorded two songs that day and just one song is a lot of work.

Normally I would focus more on the solo and the timing and everything but it was kind of rushed. Still, I was extremely satisfied with the results. Thank you for commenting! Check out my other songs. Be sure to look for others in the future, too. :D

Eternal Frost (instrumental) Eternal Frost (instrumental)

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Teh epic has been found!

If you ever do something this epic again, make sure to improve on the sound quality, mixing, playing and other stuff like that to make it sound more professional.

You have all the ideas for the greatest music imaginable. I would guess that you're a genius. The melodies, the moods, atmosphere, sound tones and how everything is arranged (if you don't count the 4:09 part) is beyond anything i would ever hope to hear on newgrounds, and it doesn't end there. I've been listening to music passionately for over 10 years now, and for some reason this feels like one of the best things ive ever heard on the areas mentioned previously. I just hope others will hear that past the muddy sounds and other things that might make it sound less than it really is, as it is a true masterpiece!

If your next one won't be as good as this one, don't let it discourage you. Keep trying to find what it is that you did right with this one, until you get it right again.
I'm expecting a full instrumental album from you within 2 years :). I'll buy it too!

Twone responds:

This is the best review I've recieved ever. Thank you!

And there's a lot to why the sound isn't so great. One, I have a shitty keyboard. Two, I don't have enough microphones for a decent recording. Three, I need to soundproof my basement for the drums. The list goes on, but it's mostly because of the lack of better equipment.

However, I am a Sound Engineering student at school, so at some point I will acquire new mics, protools, and all that good stuff. Maybe one day I'll put up a remade version. But not for a while.

Thanks for listening!